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California Travel premier edition showcasing video articles as The Great Mojave Desert...It is Alive!, which includes photo albums of The Blooming Desert and Mojave Desert Critters, California Blue Highways of the Gold Country, California Pacific Crest Trail, and The California Cascades.

“California here I come, right back where I started from,” one hearty movie musical march goes. Just one of many toe-tapping songs throughout the history of the this “golden land,” starting with a prospector from Alabama, with a banjo on his knee. Another minor miner favorite that came from the theme song on a BxW TV show went something as, “Oh, I have traveled here, and traveled there, but here is where I am today, in sunny Cali-for-nia.” A more modern theme focused on the vivid colors of a swirling abstract patterns of California Dreaming.

That was then. Today the lyrics probably should be — since the state is so close to bankruptcy as to be issuing warrants, instead of checks that had not be honored by unregulated national bank CEO’s that created the financial crisis in the first place— “Don’t cry for me California, We always loved you!” That is if the “laid-back hippie kooks of America,” will still bow down to the big brother control of the monopoly of New York TV news broadcasting, and the network owners — partners in crime AKA with Wall Street.

If you think I am a bit paranoid in my simpatico assessment, then consider the triple whammy sequence of events that has brought California —often described to be the world’s 10th largest economy— to it’s knees.

It started with brownouts for big cities of California with the PAC supported energy connection of Exxon making money for New York accountants by creating an artificial shortage of de-regulated electricity through “flipping” the price at the plug.

Follow this with local, safe, working, Savings and Loan money for mortgages, being hostilely taken over by the “New York big five” sub-prime mortgage derivative money sources, that led to a housing bubble that has only benefited a privileged few.

The lightening bolt in this perfect storm for already stressed suburban commuters was multinational big oil, “flipping” the price at the pump, in part by blocking the state —as proved during the last election by “environmentalists” blocking the “free enterprise” competition of clean burning natural gas from Alaska— from drilling offshore oil fields owned by California taxpayers.

I say, turn off a dependence on know-nothing disinformation of flapping lip TV political commentators, and witty New York Times columnists, for truthful California travel information. Let’s help bail out California —the homeland of disposed homeless families — by visiting what truthfully could be a vacation of a lifetime. Perhaps you may stumble across an independent (i.e.: creative) Central Valley “film as literature” production of California farmers reprising the Grapes of Wrath II, or a California gold mining operation — surviving British Barclay Banks paper certificate manipulation of silver and gold— proving, once again, that true wealth of California is either grown, or mined. Or creative thought free of analytical plagiarism.

Unfortunately the LA Chamber of Commerce can’t supply a steady influx of tourist traffic memorials to murdered pop music stars, or new graves in old movie star cemeteries, to justify the expense of gasoline and airfare to visit, “La La Land”.

This is why I am recommending in the premier edition of California Travel Magazine (.com) to the majority of our readers from overseas who found us on the world wide web, the adventure of taking a exit from a pothole decaying freeway system to “blue highways” (the state routes as shown on highway road maps) to tour what is actually an incredibly beautiful and exciting state of mind.

Table of Contents/Sitemap

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